Amazing Box Office Performance of Dev Anand.

Dev Anand’s Box Office Performance.
No actor can match the box office success attained by Dev Anand, as a male lead. His hits span over a period of 30 years from 1948(Ziddi) to 1978(Des Pardes).
With the exception of a few years, Dev Saab figured in the top ten box office grossers of the year, from 1948 to 1975. Examples are 1948-Ziddi(5th), 1951-Baazi(2nd), 1952Jaal(3rd),1953-Humsafar(8th), Rahi(10th),1954-Taxi Driver(3rd), 1955-Insaniyat(6th), Munimji(7th),1956-CID(1st), 1957-Paying Guest(6th), 1958-Kala Pani(8th), 1960-Kala Bazar(9th), 1961-Jab Pyar Kisi se Hota Hai(5th), Hum Dono(6th),1962-Asli-Nakli(5th),1963-Tere Ghar Ke Samne(6th), 1965-Guide(5th),1967-Jewel Thief(6th),1968-Duniya(10th),1970 Johny Mera Naam (1st),1971- Hare Ram Hare Krishna(5th),1974-Amir-Garib(6th), 1975-Warrant(7th)

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The latest book review of the book The Break-Up Clinic by Govind Sharma (Goodreads Author). Reviewer: Pamela Mukherjee Feb 19, 2019

Pamela Mukherjee’s review of
The Break-Up Clinic
The Break-Up Clinic by Govind Sharma

The Break-Up Clinic
by Govind Sharma (Goodreads Author)
Pamela Mukherjee’s review Feb 19, 2019
it was amazing

The Breakup Clinic by Govind Sharma is maybe one of the first books as of late that intrigued me on account of its title. The unique title and its encompassing effortlessness pulled on me and made me need to peruse this book. Everybody more likely than not experienced heart breaks by one way or another or at some point in their lives. Be it little or greater effect ones relying upon the circumstances and beloved recollections or qualities , contemplation, it is in every case hard to manage .

I was pulled in towards this book since I needed to experiment with something other than what’s expected and furthermore the topic aroused my advantage. I never comprehended why/how a few people had such low appreciation towards their lives or their families that they execute themselves at the smallest misfortune throughout everyday life. I am discussing abandoned darlings as well as individuals submit suicide since they didn’t get their requested toy, instructor or guardians reprimanded them, terrible tests and so forth! They have no appreciation forever!

Then again, there are individuals who endeavor to get by in spite of brutal sad – guardians lamenting the passing of youngsters, individuals experiencing incapacitating infection, extraordinary destitution, etc.

The story revolves around how the specialists of the separation facility help individuals with fizzled relationships dispose of their self-destructive inclinations. The specialists utilize the psychotherapy, intellectual conduct hypothesis and negligible drug to fix their patients. The facility is going by Dr. Dev – an exceedingly qualified Freudian Psychoanalyst. His back story is entirely spurring as well.

The three principle patients in the story are: Ajay, a MA understudy lost his better half to a rich NRI named Utkarsh; Karan an exceedingly effective corporate official who was “misused” by a delightful married lady name Anubha and, Nisha a beautiful,young lady from a rich and moderate family who had issues with her stepmother and stole away with her beau – a savage, manipulative and criminal kind of an individual named Vikram.

The specialists instruct their patients and thus to the peruses how the hypotheses of psychotherapy and conduct treatment clarify oneself hurting conduct of abandoned darlings and how to conquer these so as to lead a glad profitable life.

The story-line is consummately fine yet some specialized words were utilized too much. I figure those terms ought to be clarified with appropriate precedents so a layman can comprehend the unique circumstance. In the event that I have been given the importance of those words, perusing background would have been far superior. Generally speaking it was a decent perused

Review of my book ‘ Of Aakash and Aarti’

Of Aakash and Aarti

Of Aakash and Aarti
Govind Sharma (Goodreads Author)

ANTONY ‘s review
Nov 22, 2018

it was amazing

This is definitely a coming of age story of both the protagonists Aakash and Aarti who are the at the threshold of their youth. Their mysterious and secret trajectories would make a great impact on our mind.

This fast-paced tale of friendship, greediness, vices, and virtues would take you the real dark world wherein most of the activities of Mcs happen behind the screen. An interesting and engaging thriller with a strong connection of action and suspense giving an account of miseries they encounter.

It is a great challenge to the author to have a drug addict as the hero of the social drama and he is very much successful in creating sympathy for him in the reader’s mind. There is a lot of power struggles, other supportive characters are feeling helpless. Acclimatized to the realm of opulence the characters get intertwined to move the story with all its messiness and intricacy. Memorable characters are the bright spots in a powerful plot.

The narration skill and the storyteller in the author are plus points which make the readers hooked to the novella. The twists and turns with unimaginable and impeccable knots serve as a sure page-turner.

Language is fluid and crisp. Charterers blend with the plot so nicely we can relate with their emotions.

This book is a fitting tribute to a drug addict and holds great messages which would touch the hearts of the readers,.creating a new perspective on drug addicts. This great story of redemption, Character growth wherein the side characters also shine.

As this book targets the youth and elders there are many scintillating scenes which are not suitable for children.

This book tells the story of a down to earth persons to reality and the turmoil the Mcs to go through and the change in their mindset would definitely coax you to have a second thinking. The book gives a good insight into the workings of Hindu temples and rituals and cultures.

Needless to say Of Aakash and Aarti is a classic page-turner loaded with entertainment with a contemplative and absorbing concept with hidden depth .

My fifth book ‘Of Aakash and Aarti’

My fifth book’ Of Aakash and Aarti has been released. Here is one of the early reviews from an independent blogger.

Of Aakash and Aarti

Govind Sharma (Goodreads Author)

Venkitesh Mathakode’s review
Nov 14, 2018

Every now or then a book comes along that leaves you breathless and changes the way you look at the world. Of Aakash and Aarti is one of those books a profound read that has made me rethink the war on drugs. A very worthy, well-researched and well-written book by Govind Sharma. It should, I hope, come to be regarded as an important book. Brilliantly constructed, lucid, compelling and mind changing love story. It has certainly influenced the way I perceive drugs, drug users, drug addicts, social policy and the drug war. “Addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you – it’s the cage you live in.” Unfortunately for many, a trouble childhood leads to a sense of worthlessness in which even a tribe of crack or heroin addicts, and the crazy life that brings, is better than no life at all. Govind Sharma does a great job of creating an authentic teenage person in Aakash. He’s goofy, thoughtful, at times crass and inappropriate but always believable. Akash dates the most beautiful girl and sports captain Aarti in school,but the whole thing blows up in his face and body as he is addicted to drugs. He is not able to come out of his situation despite getting support from Aarti because of his troubled childhood. What happens to Aakash and Aarti. Will he able to come out of the situation.

The moral of this book is to be true to yourself but addicted to drugs just makes life complicated. The main point of the book is to explain how fighting the drug trade is like squeezing a balloon–when you put pressure on it in one place, it will expand somewhere else. But you must continue your fight against usage of drugs as many of the youths are nowadays addicted. This book kept me paying attention throughout the entire time of reading it. It is very well written. While I was reading it I always wanted to know what would happen next.

I would recommend this book to anyone like me who is interested in reading about the conflicts of a boy struggling to come out of using drugs at an early stage of his life.

This book takes a very expansive look at the topic at hand–in this case, drug use and our policy to counter measure. He brings us in conclusion to a fundamental question: Are we ourselves merely the victims of our own poor choices and laws that are beyond our control, in need of protection by a paternalistic totalitarian society (not just government, but medical-industrial complex), or are we able to make hard choices and be responsible on our own.

This is not just a book about drugs but a look at many areas of business and economics through a practical lens. It is all strangely addictive, informative and engaging and finally giving a clear message “don’t use drugs”, “ Say no to Drugs”.

The Navketan Regulars

The Navketan Regulars.
A host of character actors are known for their continued association with Dev Saab and his company, Navketan. Some of them owed their film career to Dev Saab, while it may not be fair to say so in case of some others; but Dev Saab certainly liked working with them as they were seen in small or big roles in so many of his movies coming not only from Navketan but also the other production houses.
(1)Rashid Khan-The friends would recall the opening scene of Baazi. Pedro, a henchman wearing a combination suit, is entering a gambling den, ignoring on his way an innominate character in a dark coat (a cameo by Guru Dutt). Once inside, Pedro tries to persuade the dice rolling Madan (played by Dev Anand) to join his Boss’s club.There was no looking back for Rashid. It is difficult to name a Navketan movie from 1951 to 1971 that didn’t have Rashid Khan in it. In my opinion, his best part was that of Joseph in Guide.Unfortunately, Rashid Khan died in 1972. Otherwise we would have seen him in more Navketan films.
(2)Krishna Dhawan- He began with Afsar and continued till Guide.He played substantial parts in Baazi, Nau Do Gyarah, and Kala Bazar, and relatively small parts in Taxi Driver,Milap,Funtoosh,Kala Pani, and Maya.His most memorable line is in Guide-‘Tumhe Girftar Karne Ka Manhoos Kam Mujhe Sonpa Gaya Hai.’
(3) KN Singh. The great actor worked with Dev Saab in Baazi, Jaal,Aandhiyan,Armaan,Milap,House Number 44, Funtoosh,CID, Manzil, and Guide( English version).In my opinion, his best was the part of the blind brother of Geeta Bali in Jaal.
(4) M A Lateef- He played the Hero’s unjustly incarcerated father in Kala Pani. Also acted in Taxi Driver, Aandhiyan, Nau Do Gyara, and Kala Baazar ( as Waheeda’s father).
(5) Jagdish Raaj-The only Bollywood actor who played a police inspector more often than Iftikhar. He had the privilege of working with Dev Saab in as many as 15 films- Funtoosh, CID,Kala Bazar,Bambai Ka Babu, Hum Dono, Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja, Kinare-Kinare,Jewel Thief, Duniya, The Evil Within,Gambler, Joshila, Warrant, Janeman, and above all, Johny Mera Naam-when he leads an arranged police picket while Dev Saab is romancing Hema Malini in the song Wada To Nibhaya. The author Siddarth Bhatia has written that a Hollywood producer was so impressed with Jagdish Raj’s performance in Hum Dono that he gave him a role in the movie-‘ Nine hours to Rama’.
(6) Jeevan. A character actor of substance, he worked with Dev Saab in Madhubala, Nau Do Gyarah,Gambler, Johny Mera Naam,Heera Panna, Banarasi Babu,Ishq Ishq Ishq,Shareef Badmash,and Darling Darling.The most memorable is the police lock up scene with Dev Saab in Johny Mera Naam.
(7) Janki Das- A multi-faceted personality, he was one of the Hyderabad hotel roommates of the hero in Kala Pani. He also worked in Ferry, Kala Bazar,Tere Ghar Ke Samne,Teen Deviyan,Pyar Mohabbat,Duniya, Tere Mere Sapne,Yeh Gulistan Hamara,Shareef Badmash, Ishq Ishq Ishq, Warrant, Janeman, and Des Pardes.Even though the roles were small, Janki Das always made his presence felt, be it a bhutta seller of Teen Deviyan or the auctioneer of TGKS.
(8) Mumtaz Begum- She played the hero’s mother in Kala Pani. Also worked in Kala Bazar,Manzil,Tere Ghar Ke Samne,Gambler,Tere Mere Sapne,Hare Ram Hare Krishna,Amir Garib, and Prem Shastra.

Kishore Sahu’s Association with Dev Anand

The legendary filmmaker, writer, and actor Kishore Sahu acted with Dev Saab in six films. Kishore Sahu made a big name for himself in forties and early fifties with films like Jeevan Prabhat,Kunwara Baap, and Raja( Many consider Raja as a precursor to Pyasa). He is also credited with discovering Bina Rai in ‘Kali Ghata’. He starred with Dev Saab in ‘Zalzala’(1952) at an equal billing. But the mid fifties saw an unexpected downturn in Kishore Sahu’s fortunes when his ambitious projects like ‘Mayurpankh’ and ‘Hamlet’ turned out to be colossal flops. He bounced back with ‘Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi’(1960); but in the interregnum between mid-fifties and sixties, when he was down and out, he did important character roles in ‘Kala Pani’, and ‘Kala Bazar’. Then, comes his landmark performance in ‘Guide’. Dev Saab’s greatest strength was to identify the right actor for the right role, and he also had this knack of handling people. When Tad Danielewski came to Mumbai for Guide’s casting, Kishore Sahu was in Chennai. Dev Saab didn’t call Kishore Sahu to Mumbai but he took Danielewski to Chennai. During the filming of ‘Guide’ in Udaipur, Kishore Sahu was given seven star accommodation at par with Pearl Buck, Danielewski, Dev Saab,Waheeda Rehman, and Chetan Saab( In the beginning, both the versions were filmed simultaneously).Friends would agree with me that no other actor could have played Marco so well as Kishore Sahu did. It was a very challenging role of a highly professional archaeologist who is an insensitive husband of a young and beautiful girl, who denies conjugal bliss to his wife but is not averse to relaxing in the company of call girls after work, who is against Nach-Gana but wants to win back Rosy’s affections when she becomes famous.The way Marco laughs when he sees the forged signatures of Rosy, has the stamp of a great actor, conveying a vast range of emotions in a single frame. Finally, Sahu also gave memorable performances in ‘Gambler’ and ‘Hare Ram Hare Krishna’.

Those who directed Dev Anand Films.

Light, Camera, Action: who directed Dev Saab’s films?
Dev Anand himself directed as many as 19 of his movies; this includes ‘ Pyar Ka Tarana’ in which he did not act.Vijay Anand directed 10 films( I have included Kahin Aur Chal, which was released at least for a few days,but, excluded ‘ Jana Na Dil Se Dur’ which was not released at all.) Chetan Saab directed his star brother in 7 movies. The next in the list is Shankar Mukerji who directed 6 films- Barish, Sarhad, Baat Ek Raat Ki,Pyar- Mohabbat, Mahal, and Banarasi Babu. According to the list appended to Dev Saab’s autobiography, Shankar Mukerji also directed‘Nirala’ but the credits of the movie ‘Nirala’ show Deben Mukerji as the director.
The great filmmaker Raj Khosla directed Dev Saab six times.The next in the list is Phani Mazumdar(4), followed by Subodh Mukerji (3), Raj Rishi(3),and Amarjeet(3).Guru Dutt directed Dev Saab in two films, both were blockbuster hits.DD Kashyap, Fali Mistry,HS Rawail,MK Burman ( Mandi Burman in Manzil), AN Banerji, HS Baria, Paul Zils,and T Prakash Rao also directed Dev Anand in two films each.
There is a long list of the directors who worked with Dev Saab at least once: we have Nasir Hussain, Yash Chopra,Shakti Samant, Hrishikesh Mukerji, KA Abbas, Basu Chatterji, Mohan Kumar, Pramod Chakerborty, BR Ishara,Atma Ram,Amiya Chakraborty, SS Vasan,Shahid Lateef, Ashok Roy, Ashok Tyagi,Gogi Anand,Jagdish Kadar, Kader Kashmiri,Tad Daneilewski, Lambrato Avellena,PL Santoshi,Y Pedhnekar,Girish Trivedi,Mohan Sinha,Chawla,SS Kulkarni,Dwarka Khosla,Jagirdar,SM Nawab,Prahlad Dutt, RB Punatar,Nand Lal Jaswant Lal,Vijay Mhatre, and Hemen Gupta.